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5 Stressors That Can Ruin Your Life

Posted ago by Pius

  If your job makes you feel like you could blow a valve, you need to find a way to relieve the pressure. A Finnish study found that work-related stress increases your risk of a heart attack by 23 percent. …

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Lemon.

Posted ago by Cynthia Sean

1. Good for the stomach. 2. Excellent for the skin. 3. Aids in dental care. 4. Cures throat infections. 5. Good for weight loss. 6. Controls high blood pressure. 7. Assist in curing respiratory disorders. 8. Good for treating rheumatism. …

9 Foods that Reduce Stress

Posted ago by webmaster

Reach for these items next time you’re feeling under pressure, under the weather, or just too close to that breaking point. Munching on these stress-free foods will help pull you back into the game. 1.     Oranges A German study in …

Nigeria Women: 9th Most stressed women on earth

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

As women around the world enjoy broader opportunities and expanding roles, they’re also experiencing one other increase in their lives — stress. In one of their latest reports, Women of Tomorrow, the Nielsen Company released stats that revealed where the …

Dealing with Work Stress for Mums

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

It has become a common sight to find families with both the man and the wife working out-of-home, no matter what country you are in. Gone are the days when the breadwinner was the dad and the mum stayed at …