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Justin Bieber Faints During A Concert At O2 Arena London

Posted ago by Patience

19-year-old pop star Justin Bieber collapsed backstage at a concert in London held at the O2 Arena. The teenybopper had so many fans in the audience gasping and crying when he was carried off-stage by a back up dancer after …

Sick Justin Bieber Threw Up On Stage Last Night.

Posted ago by Patience

What a pity, the pop star Justin Bieber had to leave the stage twice due to illness while performing on stage last night in Arizona, US. Justin Bieber later apologized to this fans and crowd for being sick and not being able …

Taylor Swift Is ‘Forbes” #1 Highest Earning Star Under 30.

Posted ago by Patience

Justin may be more popular, but Taylor is the one raking in more dough! According to a new report, Taylor is the highest paid star under 30! Read on for all the details! Taylor Swift has topped Forbes magazine’s annual list of the …

Justin Bieber Fans Cause Fight In Norway.

Posted ago by Patience

Tendency to leave a wake of blushing, screaming ladies in his path, but this week, the fans took it a bit too far! The 18-year-old singer was forced to beg Beliebers to maintain order when a crowd in Norway became …

Justin Bieber Upcoming Album Talks About False Paternity Claims.

Posted ago by Cynthia Sean

  At a listening party in London last night, Justin Bieber told reporters that one of the many new songs that could appear on his upcoming album, Believe, was about Mariah Yeater, the woman who falsely accused him of fathering …

Justin Bieber tweets to help Houston family

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

Tweens will recognize the heart-hand sign popularized by stars like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber to show love to fans. But today, Biebs is urging folks to “show your hearts” for a special cause. Bieber, among other stars, are tweeting …