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Chinua Achebe Forces 50 Cent To Rename Movie.

Posted ago by Cynthia Sean

50 Cent has been undone by one of Africa’s greatest novelists, Chinua Achebe. The rapper’s latest movie has been renamed ahead of its release, due to a conflict with Achebe’s most famous work. Things Fall Apart, published by Achebe in …

Love Quotes

Posted ago by Cynthia Sean

  Sometimes all I need is the air that I breathe and to love you. If you judge people you have no time to love them. But to see her was to love her.  Love but her and love her …

An Eulogy for Uncle Sam!

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

  Unfortunately Our lives are not concrete Rather they are mimics of yearnessness To a second unknown’ I don’t know how you ease When you seem bored and forlorn how you laugh when the hours lengthens and sore So many …

Happy Birthday! Nelson Mandela

Posted ago by admin

By: Ayuba Jamiu In the time of feeble Eyes were masked Ears deafen Legs were chained Our tongues twisted and minored Like we must die as black Or else-take off our God’s given skin And become white to be alive! …