Childhood Lover Of Pope Francis 1 Reveals How She Nudged Him To Priesthood By Refusing His Marriage Proposal

Amalia Damonte
76-year-old Amelia Damonte, the childhood love of new Pope Francis discloses how young Bergoglio took on  church affairs to become a priest after ….

She stated how she got beaten by her father for receiving a love letter from Jorge Mario Bergoglio at 12 years old, and how he had said to her-  “if I can’t marry you, I will become a priest”.

Although, Amalia and Bergoglio were neighbours in Bueno Aires, her parents were strictly against her union with him. She continued:

“He had drawn for me a house which had a red roof and said that it was the house he was going to buy for me when we were married.
“I never saw him after that – my parents kept me away from him and did everything possible to separate us”

Pointing to the Pope’s initial conditional intent of becoming a priest, his younger sister Maria Elena revealed that Bergoglio admitted to her that he never wanted to become Pope.
She said:

“He didn’t want to be Pope and when we chatted privately about it we joked at the prospect and he would say, ‘No, please no’.

I didn’t want him to become Pope because he’s going to be very far away and second because it is such a large responsibility. But I am also totally proud that he is the new Pope – because he’s the first from outside Europe, because he’s Latin American, he’s Argentine and he”s my brother.”
 Pope Francis
Pope Francis
 Maria Elena Bergoglio
Pope’s sister, Maria Elena Bergoglio

Well, there is always a cause to an effect. Thanks to Amalia’s parents, we probably wouldn’t have a Pope Francis 1… at least not now.

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