Jokes Of The Day.

1. On Vals day.Excuses shall arise:Flat ba3, BIS expired, DP refused 2 change,my boss selected me 4 d trip,traffic,d big Q remains,r u ur boo’s boo?
2. U driving and listening to a pastor’s sermon in ur car, then he says ” close ur eyes let us pray” and u did. My broda u are going to Hell.
3. ur boyfriend buys you Bold5 for Valentines day and you buy him 2 white handkerchiefs, a white singlet and boxers.Is he an ‘atilogwu’ dancer?
4. If ur boifwend can’t use ur pix as is dp,u are so single! If he tries only using it @ nite wen every1 is asleep,tell him u are nt a vampire.
5. U don scratch ur yansh taya to ur satisfaction, U con turn back realize say the fine girl you’ve been crushing on has been watching.
6. D’banj left mohits, MayD left square records and now Wizkid left EME. And u carry am for head,like book.. Worry abt urself dear,u don chop?
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