Help!!! Woman Suffering Rare Health Condition, Leg Weighs 108kg.

Mandy Sellars
Mandy Sellars from Accrington in Lancashire is suffering from an extremely rare condition –Proteus syndrome– thought to affect just 120 people round the world.
While she has a size-12 body, her legs and feet are way off the measure, weighing 17-Stone (approximately 238lbs/108kg). She had her left leg amputated in 2010 after it grew to 5-Stone (70lbs/32kg) and developed an infection.
Mandy trying on her prosthetic leg
Now, with her right leg weighing an incredible 17-stone – more than the average man – in a new TV documentary Mandy visits doctors at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge who diagnose her genetic condition for the first time and, she hopes, have developed medication that could prevent her rogue gene expanding her limbs.
I hope they come up with a cure.
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