Don’t Push Me To The Limit-Ifeoma Harvey Warns Goldie’s Husband

The story of Ifeoma Harvey who is allegedly the ex-wife of Goldie’s husband Andrew Harvey is slowly but surely making its way to front pages.
As hard as as I tried to ignore it,it seems there’s been a silent war between Ifeoma and Andrew on Facebook.
Recently,Goldie’s facebook page which obviously has Andrew as administrator has been filled with updates about “Prezzo denies wedding rumours”or this or that…making many wonder if Andrew is indeed disturbed and trying to justify his claims that Goldie had nothing to do with Prezzo.Some have also frowned at his frequent presence on facebook/social networking sites as they feel he should be mourning not granting interviews or updating facebook pages.
Anyway,Ifeoma took to facebook to give Andrew a serious warning…it seems Andrew deleted everything he posted including the albums…hmmmn what’s going on ?
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