7 Sexy Things About Women That Men Notice

Women go through a lot for guys. I’m talking about just the daily pimping. The makeup, the lipstick, the hair…etc.

Now I know guys are an incredibly visual species. There are plenty attractive attributes women have going for them.

With that in mind, here are 7 truly sexy things about women you might be surprised that we notice.

1. Eyes – Forget the mascara, the heavy eye makeup, the longer lashes, or the eyebrow plucking. I’m talking purely about eyes in all their natural beauty here. One powerful and confident look from a woman can make any guy weak in the knees.

2. Bare shoulders – Even back in high school, we guys would go nuts if we caught just a glimpse of a girl’s shoulder. Some things never change. There’s just something super sexy about that part of a woman.

3. Confidence – This one’s a biggie. The more confident a woman is in herself and her body, the more of a turn-on it is for guys. So stop being so self-conscious about how you look and just be comfortable being you.

4. Lips – Lips can definitely be sexy. They have to be… they’re the tools used for kissing after all!

5. Sense of humor – Women? Funny? Yes, yes they are. Women already like a guy who can make them laugh, so why shouldn’t the same thing be true for us?

6. Curves – Call me crazy, but curves on a women are definitely hot. What’s the point of hips if you’re so skinny you don’t even have any?

7. Smile – Lips can certainly be a turn-on, but so can a smile. From a tiny corner-of-the-lip curl to a full-on, display of teeth, a smile can be much more powerful than most women realize.

What does your man find sexiest about you?

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