Kate Henshaw Talks About Her Failed Marriage and Why Men Cheat On Their WIves

Popular Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw in her interview talks about her failed marriage, about men roaming around, about being an Onga brand ambassador among others.
Read the full interview below:

”Onga it’s a brand that I have grown to love and like I said in some of my previous interviews, I didn’t know anything about the brand until I took up this appointment. Now it’s a brand I love and have convinced a lot of people to try.

I was just picked. I didn’t compete with any one; the MD just called me and asked me if I could take up the appointment.
My husband just talked about me; he told them his wife could help boost the brand and they decided to give it a shot.
I don’t know if he is complaining since it was him who added to my duties. If he is; it’s a pity, because I have come to love it more than anything else.
I have a feeling that he does… this feeling of you are not always around… and when you are, it’s either you are attending one event or another. I feel it; I sense it. I know it’s tough, but hey, looks like I can’t help it.

If he wants to be taken; he is a free person. My dear, marriage is not a bondage o. If he decides to roam around, well… in any case, you men always roam.
The society always blames the woman, but I believe that every woman should be independent; but let me tell you something, if you want a person to stay when the person does not want to stay, there is nothing you can do about it. You can only do your best and leave the rest to God. I believe every woman should be working or doing something instead of just sitting at home. God forbid, if anything happens and you don’t have anything to fall back on, too bad, you will be lost. I have come to a stage now that all I do is to make myself happy and do what I think is right. People will always talk, no matter how good you are.

What about Omotola (actress Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde)? Her husband is a Nigerian and she is travelling all over the place. She runs an NGO and a music career that puts her on the move… there are so many other people and it doesn’t matter the race; if a man is a good man and he is confident in himself, he will let you be what you want to be. Because that is what completes both of you; that is what makes both of you happy; bringing whatever you have been able to make to the family.
What about J-Lo (Jennifer Lopez) and Mac Anthony, they have split up. After six years of marriage. I don’t know for whatever reason but you and I know that she is busy and he is busy and I know that she is busier than he is. May be there is an effect there; may be some kind of threat or insecurity. But that’s the fact, when they part ways they are not enemies, each person wishes the other person well and life moves on.

That’s how marriage and divorce should be. There shouldn’t be any rancour especially when children are involved. I mean, my mum left my dad and hey, it hasn’t affected me… sorry, it did at a point but I have moved on.
About my daughter, I feel really guilty most of the time for not being around her, but good enough, she seems to understand. And the little time that we spend together, I try to make quality out of it. We talk at length; we go to the cinema and do all sorts together. She does understand that this is the nature of my job. There was a time she came home and asked, mummy are you on twitters? And I said yes, then she said one of her friends in school said she follows me on twitters. And I said oh, that’s embarrassing but you know she is so grown up now and her speech so profound.

My daughter is lonely…, she is sometimes. Because even her dad is busy; he works and travels and that is what you get when both parents are the busy type. But I try during the holiday season to create a family time by trying to let go what ever trip that is not so compulsory.
My low moment is such that since I have turned forty, I should try and spend more moments with my daughter really. I think about this a lot and it bothers me. And I intend to effect that change. As she is growing up before you know it, she’s gone to boarding house and I won’t be seeing her as much. Before you know it, she is already 20 and she is going to her husband’s house and I hardly know her… I intend to spend more time with her”.

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