Jackie Appiah Celebrate Her Birthday

Jackie Appiah’s birthday.

Yesterday Monday been December 5, 2011 is Ghanaian star actress Jackie Appiah’s birthday.

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2 Responses to Jackie Appiah Celebrate Her Birthday

  1. chinwendu says:

    Happy birthday Jackie and many more successful yrs ahead

  2. lily says:

    this picture is the one with her twitter. nice pics. but birthdays were celebrated long before Jesus , by idolaters who were not worshipping the true God, such as pharaon in the book of Genesis, Chap. 40, and also by Herod, in the book of John, chap. 14, when John the Baptist was decapited. dear jackie, i love you, and i want you to worship God the way He wants you to, in truth, and spirit, meanning based on His word the bible, not according to men teachings.

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