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10 Grooming Habits You Should (or Shouldn’t) Skip

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

  We all have our standards (or not) — and our pet peeves. Here are some grooming concerns to cross check. 1.     Nose hair! Don’t neglect your nose hair! Trim it as necessary. 2.     Brushing your …

How to Make a Memorable Entrance

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Psychologists say most people form impressions of others within the first four minutes of meeting them, and 80 percent of those first impressions are based on non-verbal behavior. Making a dignified entrance at an event might just be more important than the …

5 Ways to Avoid Another Argument

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

These strategies can stop a fight before it starts. 1. See things from your partner’s point of view. 2. Count to 50 before you say anything incendiary. This pause will help you calm down just long enough to think better …

6 Reasons Relationships End

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

Why did it end? We all ask that question when a relationship is falling apart. Watch out for these six as big red flags that could lead to heartbreak. Three Things You Cannot Change 1. Differences in religion “It doesn’t …

Exclusive Pictures, Explode: Ignite Your Passion

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Explode is a one-day Talent Workshop organized by Peculiar Media with support from 7up bottling company, PowerHorse, Ten Strings Music Institute, Lee Vocal Music Studios, G-Strong Entertainment and our official DJ, DJ Emmy Black.

The workshop was facilitated by Adedayo Liadi

Facebook users average 3.74 degrees of separation

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There are on average 3.74 degrees of separation between any one Facebook user and another, a study suggests. The number of degrees represents the number of people in a friendship chain, excluding the people at either end. Or, as the …