Choosing the Right New Year’s Diet

As the days of festivities usher in, we often drop our guard and tend to forget all the health related issues. It has been seen that even people who are very disciplined and lead a healthy life start suffering from problems like fluctuations in the dietary habits and weight related issues.


 New Year and its eve are two such days when people are in the mood of revelry where high calorie, high carbohydrate fried food rules the day. Items like fried chicken, sausages, hamburgers etc gorged upon with glee without a second thought on the after effects.

The most important tip to enjoy a healthy and nutritious new year is to keep your expectations real, so that you would be able to achieve it. To think that you would be able to fight your desires for the festive food completely is absurd and you will end up breaking your plans even before starting them. Then opting for grilled or boiled food over fried is the best option one can have. As it provides a slow and steady shift to the people who succumb easily to temptations. Although the idea of boiled or grilled food seems bland but there are lot of options like low calorie low fat sauce and spices which go a long way in making a food item tantalizing.

For people who have a sweet tooth and often end up piling a huge number of calories can switch to a healthier and natural alternative, fruits. Fresh fruits like melons, apples, oranges, grapes etc are excellent alternatives as they satiate the carvings and provide the required nutrition value. This can be proven by the fact that nowadays fruits salads have become very popular and served with almost every meal.

The final problems that can mar a festive holiday are drinks. It is common knowledge that coffees, tea and soda have drastic effects on health and a sudden increase in their intake can lead to potential disasters. The most apt alternative for these drinks is water. The more you drink it the healthier you feel. You can also go for fruit juices orange or melon juices which are high on nutrition or lemonades which has always been an excellent refreshing drink. Then one can always experiment with milk, where products like flavored dairy products have become hugely popular.

In the end as we can see that celebrating in a healthy way is tough task, it’s just that you have to let your imagination run a little wild.

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