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iPhone Universal Remote Control

Maybe you and the others in your house are always fighting over the remote. Well there’s now a handy device that will solve all of your remote control woes. It’s the New Kinetix NK100 Re Universal IR Remote Control and this one is for the phone not the TV.

This device is used on an iPhone or iPod Touch to turn it into a universal remote control that can work in every room of your house and on each individual device.

The New Kinetix NK100 Re Universal IR Remote Control can be used anywhere. Simply program it with the remote of whatever TV, DVD player, audio device, or other electronic device you have and it becomes a single remote that controls each one.

It requires no Wi-Fi to function but needs to be plugged into an iPhone or iPod and then download the Re Universal Remote Control application which is free. Plug in and take personalized control of AV entertainments everywhere that you go.

Digital Video Recording Spy Pen

An expensive, high-quality digital SLR with loads of glasses will not do you any good if it is sitting inside your camera bag at home while the perfect moment presents itself to you at the park. The innovative DVR Spy Pen is so small, you can carry always to capture the perfect moment

Still pictures are not the only thing you can capture with this state-of-the-art DVR Spy Pen. It is also a very capable audio recorder. Besides pictures, you will never again miss another word at any meeting, class, or seminar. You can also record voice memos for yourself to remind you of things that you need to do.

Finally, you can record some video clips with this tiny device that fits in your breast pocket. This groundbreaking DVR Spy Pen can take 640 x 480 still pictures and up to 80 minutes of full motion 640 x 480 video. What’s more? Use it as a removable USB flash drive to store loads of data files. Clearly, the DVR Spy Pen has everything you need and more.

Bladeless Fan

The innovative Bladeless Fan, recognized by Time magazine, has in fact been declared winner of the magazine’s ‘Best Inventions’ award. This unique fan employs the same technology as that used in jet engines to produce a cooling flow of air without any blades running.

The fan pulls air from behind and the length of the sides into the stream of air, thus producing maximum speed of air. A dial on the Bladeless Fan facilitates smooth modification of air speed. It has a base of five and a half inches and swings at angle of 90 degrees and it can be moved up or down by up to 10 degrees.

Wireless Mobile Storage For your iPad – GoFlex® Satellite

The iPad (and iPhone) has no USB or memory card ports, thus limits you to the space you originally purchased. Seagate aims to fill this gap with the GoFlex Mobile Wireless Storage device, effectively a portable hard drive that you connect to over Wi-Fi.

To use, you connect (via USB) the GoFlex 500 GB external hard drive to your PC/Mac and download any media files that you want to watch on the go, disconnect and drop the device in your pocket. Nothing new so far, now the clever part is when you want to view the files on your mobile device. The GoFlex creates it’s own Wi-Fi cloud which you then connect to and stream from.

To stream media from the GoFlex you connect via it’s web interface or download the app from the AppStore (Android version coming soon), another neat feature is that it can stream different media to 3 different devices simultaneously.

Widescreen Personal Movie Viewer

You are sure to fall in love with the 55 inch Widescreen Personal Movie Theater! This personal media viewer provides you with the luxury of watching your favorite videos on a widescreen 55-inch television. This widescreen personal video eyewear can be connected to iPod Touch, video iPod, portable DVD player, iPhone, and personal video game system. It gives you an impression that you are having a move experience on a large screen.

It comes with noise isolating headphones and high resolution LCDs; meaning, no one sitting next to you would know what you are watching. Relish your favourite cartoon or something private from your personal collection. It’s available in 16-million colours, you can enjoy everything like it’s happening in front of your eyes.


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