Home Remedies for Teeth Discoloration

Teeth Discolouration

Everybody obsess for dazzling white teeth but teeth become darker after a particular age. Tiny cracks and potholes develop on the teeth naturally over the period of time. Even the enamel becomes thinner at the same time that leads to dentin. Dentin is a yellowish inner layer of tooth under the enamel. Following are some home remedies for teeth discoloration. You can get rid of tooth stains by following some do’s and don’ts of teeth whitening.



  • Use soft bristled toothbrush to brush your teeth effectively. You must follow a proper technique to brush your teeth firmly.
  • You can also use baking soda along with toothpaste and brush your teeth normally. Afterwards, rinse baking soda with water.
  • Take a capful of peroxide and gargle with it. Later thoroughly rinse with water after brushing.
  • You can also mix charcoal pieces with toothpaste and brush your teeth for about 10 minutes. Brushing with charcoal will make wonders because the crystal base chemicals have powerful stain remover. However, make a point that hard wood ash only contains significant potassium hydroxide concentration while soft wood doesn’t contain.
  • Rubbing walnut tree bark on the teeth will also help in removing stains.
  • The most easiest and preferable method to get rid of discoloration of teeth is eating an apple after meals. Other foods such as carrots scrub and celery can also remove the stains efficiently.
  • You must drink water after drinking any beverage such as coffee or eating any food like blueberries which cause stains. Water helps in removing stains that accumulate.
  • You can even use white part of an orange peel to get shinning white teeth.
  • Strawberries act as the natural whiteners. Rub your teeth with strawberries to remove stains. If you follow this method, you must brush with fluoride toothpaste and also floss immediately because the acid and sugar can worsen the effect if not brushed.
  • Add ½ of rock salt to a cup of water and gargle with it to avoid tooth problems.
  • Every night brush your teeth with apple cider vinegar.
  • Make a paste with soda and bi-carbonate and rub it on the teeth.
  • Prepare a paste with baking soda and toothpaste and spread this mixture on an aluminum foil. Cover your teeth with this foil and allow it to stay for an hour. Later brush your teeth. This process must be repeated twice a week.


  • Never use fingernail for removing stains on teeth as they are not hard like a rock. Fingernail actually scratches the enamel that led debris to lodge in enamel, thereby worsening the condition.
  • Don’t use lemon or anything which contains vitamin C on the teeth. Lemon aids the teeth to become white because it decreases the major component of the teeth, calcium.
  • Do not drink red wine, tea, coffee, carbonated drinks and smoking in large amounts.
  • You must also stay away from very cold and hot drinks.
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