Golfing and Business

3 essential skills of the golfer and businessman

A famous expression goes thus: ‘Sports Build Character’. Another goes further to say that ‘Sports actually Reveals Character’.

If the above sayings are anything to go by, then it explains why business executives gain intimate knowledge of their business associates, or potential business partners and employees, on the golf course.


Giving that the ambience of the boardroom is no doubt unlike that of a golf course, a tremendous insight can be gained into a person’s true character on the course. With golf you can observe a person’s personality and decision making process (in coordination, in strategy, club selection, grip etc.).

Below are three essential skills of a golfer that are also essentials for a good business person.


How good are you at eliminating distractions whether they are coming from outside or inside your head? Extroverts, intense thinkers and left-brainers need the most work on this one. Their thoughts can go anywhere and everywhere when over the ball, instead of simply seeing and feeling their shot or putt. The solution is a simple, powerful, effective, and consistent mental pre-shot routine. A golfer should not doubt have a strong focus, as focus is required for great golfing.

Whatever traits are reflected at golfing – as regarding focus – is no doubt a reflection of what is obtainable in the player’s business life. Who would not like to do business with a focused individual?


No way around it, confidence is vital for top competitive golf. Two types are necessary: performance confidence and personal confidence.

Performance confidence is confidence in your golfing skills and is enhanced with the 3 p’s – Practice, Preparation and Problem solving. Personal confidence is confidence in yourself. Personal confidence is a bit more difficult to change.

Both performance confidence and personal confidence are great indicators for successful businessmen.


Ever had a hard time making decisions? Or committing to the decisions you do make? If so, you probably need to work on self-sufficiency.

One of the first things you will need to do is trust your own first impressions. It is vital for playing your best. One thing for sure: if you did not make the decision, you are less likely to fully commit to it, and if you are not committed to it, you are even less likely to hit it well.

The quickness, quality and end results of golf decisions are very crucial and can provide an insight into the quality of a person’s business decision.


Playing golf for business purposes can be a very challenging experience. You’re playing a very complex game that is one of the most difficult sports to master. At the same time, you’re combining it with a social interaction that has a business objective. Focus on the wrong thing and you can lose business or miss an opportunity. And the stakes are even higher! The image you project on the golf course strongly influences how others perceive you as a business person – and that can have a long range effect on your business success. No wonder so many players who feel confident and comfortable playing with friends are intimidated by the thought of playing with the boss or an important client!

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