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Beauty Questions and Answers

Posted ago by kristabel

Question: Can I camouflage facial defects with a foundation? I have a very broad nose. How can I make it look narrower? Answer: You can camouflage the short comings on your facial features by using the foundation clearly. A nose …

Golfing and Business

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

3 essential skills of the golfer and businessman A famous expression goes thus: ‘Sports Build Character’. Another goes further to say that ‘Sports actually Reveals Character’. If the above sayings are anything to go by, then it explains why business …

Random Jokes

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

NEWBIE Once I came upon this pretty new temporary staff standing in front of the paper shredder with a confused look on her face. I asked if she needed any help and she said, “Yeah, how does this thing work?” …

The Salary Theorem

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

The Salary Theorem: The less you know, the more you make. “The Salary Theorem” states that “Engineers and Scientists can never earn as much as Business Executives and Sales People.” This theorem can now be supported by a mathematical equation …

How to Lighten Skin Tone Naturally

Posted ago by kristabel

An even, flawless skin tone is what most women crave for, while a few are lucky enough to have inherited a good skin tone and complexion. Skin darkening is caused due to various factors and it could be a result …

Remedies for Blemishes

Posted ago by kristabel

Anyone who has had a problem with blemishes would definitely want to know the best blemish removal home remedies. Well, the following are some of the remedies you can try to get rid of blemishes… Causes of Blemish The reasons for …

Who is my father and mother’s child?

Posted ago by PeculiarMag

Once upon a time, when Baba (Obasanjo) was in office as the president, he got an invitation from the Queen to come for a visit to England. After all the banquets and carriage rides and what not, Baba finally got …